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ServiceNow Express for Mid-sized organisations

For the last 10 years, ServiceNow has focused on enterprise customers in the Fortune 1000 and has a long list of successful deployments. Recently, they have started focusing on ServiceNow Express for mid-sized organisations and launched ServiceNow Express for organizations with less than 1,000 workers.

Key Functions of ServiceNow Express for Mid-sized Organizations

With ServiceNow Express, IT teams have a powerful new IT automation solution that provides these key functions:

  • Incident, problem, and change automation to speed the assignment and resolution of tickets, fix recurring issues, and help IT teams stop managing services with email.
  • Self-service gives supported end users a clean, simple front end to their IT support organization.
  • Discovery finds a computer or device, explores the device’s configuration, provisioning, and current status, and updates the CMDB accordingly.
  • Custom Applications allow customers to develop new applications that meet their business needs.
  • Asset tracking replaces spreadsheets with a single system of record to see what assets the IT team manages, where assets reside, how they perform, and what issues are tagged to them.
  • Visual Task Boards give IT managers a unique and easy way to assign the team works through a drag-and-drop interface, including changing assignees, adding tasks, resetting priorities, and collaborating with the team.
  • One-click reporting on any metric to track performance and demonstrate the value of IT to business leaders.

Efficient Implementation and Rapid Onboarding with ServiceNow Express Features

Express is purpose-built to get IT up and running quickly with these elements:

  • Pre-configured workflows and more than 150 report templates speed time to value. IT teams can use the templates to automatically run reports rich with easy-to-read graphs, charts, and lists and then send them to a group of users.
  • Codeless business rules help administrators define automatic data entry behaviors and assignment rules to track key metrics and ticket routing, such as automatically creating incidents from end-user emails.
  • A quick-start guide and an administration home page designed for time-strapped IT teams to get up and run rapidly with their in-house resources.



ServiceNow Express gives Mid-sized customers access to enterprise-grade cloud to solve Service Management challenges. It is ideal for organisations with less than 1000 workers. If you decide to move to the Enterprise version, there is no upgrade fee.  You may need more licenses, and please note that CloudGo does not have the rights to resell ServiceNow to you, but we’d be happy to make the introduction. Feel free to sign up for a free trial or explore further details on ServiceNow Express for mid-sized organisations, including informative videos.