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SaaB – Software as a Chatbots

Chatbots are taking over the internet, with Facebook, Microsoft (Skype), and Google investing heavily in them. More and more chat applications like Slack, WeChat, and Telegram are releasing Bot APIs to allow more customers to interact with Bots to get things done.  For example, WeChat allows people to send money, book a taxi, and buy insurance in China. With Bots, messaging apps are becoming more than just human-to-human interaction.

It is interesting to explore how bots can help in customer service, as Techcrunch pointed out: “Bots, Messenger and the future of customer service“. Chat is often faster and more straightforward than making a phone call. To explore this, we at CloudGo have built ServiceNow integration with Slack, WeChat, and Telegraph to make “ServiceNow a Bot.”


With the CloudGo Slack-ServiceNow bot, you can engage your employees with ServiceNow. Need to collaborate on incidents or service requests?  Want to centralize approvals and knowledge articles?  Use Slack as the messaging and collaboration app, and let ServiceNow act as a Bot in the background.

WeChat & Telegram

WeChat is a giant in China, and Telegram is best known for its security and encryption capability.

Use cases for ServiceNow ChatBots

  • Major Incident Notification
  • Approvals by chat
  • Update notifications
  • Reminder for Tasks
  • Password reset
  • Service Request
  • so on…

Summary About Software as a Chatbots

As we drive digital transformation for our customers, leveraging powerful platforms like ServiceNow “as a Bot” is a powerful way to meet your staff and customers where they live and work. We predict that Saab will reduce human intervention and increase automation and will be the next evolution of Service Management.

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