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New Technologies Changing Enterprise Legal Operations

In today’s global economy, it is more important than ever for organisations to have a legal team that can operate effectively. In the past, this was accomplished by having in-house lawyers with deep expertise and limited resources. However, many companies are turning to new technologies changing enterprise legal operations to help them quickly improve Legal Operations in their organization.

3 Ways New Technologies Changing Enterprise Legal Operations

Here are 3 ways ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery technology can help improve legal departments by speeding up previously time-consuming or expensive tasks.

Streamline Customer Intake with technology

In the past, most legal intakes were handled manually. Typically requests are processed by an incoming email sent to an individual, email with an attached PDF Form, or tracked on a Spreadsheet. With today’s technology, these tasks can be accomplished remotely via Intake Forms on self-service portals or even live chat support.

Using pre-defined self-service intake forms speeds up outcomes and improves the service experience. These systems can also allow requesters to see the status of requests eliminating the need for updates or back-and-forth communication loops that can be time-consuming.

Increase Efficiency in Legal Operations

Digital Transformation has increased the volume of demand for today’s Legal operations. Legal teams have become more holistic in business outcomes. Whether it’s the need to bring new products to market, create new partnerships, or even help shorten sales cycles, the Legal team delivers the outcomes efficiently.

New technologies can help organisations improve efficiency while increasing service quality. Self-service intake forms (mentioned above), digital workflows that allow requests to be routed to the right team, effective collaboration, productivity improvement, analytics, and reporting.

It is important to note that these new technologies are not replacements for having a legal department but rather a means to streamline operations and decrease.

Better insights with Legal Dashboards

One key to better business outcomes is having data. Data can help organisations understand what is working and what can be improved in legal operations. It also helps organisations identify if they are on the right track or meeting their business goals.

Dashboards have been around for a while but have been used more in Marketing and Supply Chain. The best digital dashboards are the ones that provide insights into the big picture of what is happening without being too granular. These dashboards can be customised to show metrics that are important to you.

Monitoring key data points will help organisations identify gaps in legal operations and improve their business outcomes.


The organisation’s legal team is instrumental and important in moving the business along. If the team feels the pressure to deliver faster while not becoming a bottleneck while reducing risk but struggling to keep up with those demands, reach out to us. ServiceNow’s Legal Service Delivery solution might be right for you if you identify with any of these bullet items:

  • No visibility into the legal workload, resourcing
  • Repetitive & basic queries done by legal
  • No audit trail
  • Manual, siloed tools that impact response time

Did any of those things stand out to you? If so, we can look at improving your legal operation from a technology and workflow standpoint.

Let’s talk about how we can make things better for your business!

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