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Maximising your ServiceNow investment

Most organisations have moved past thinking of ServiceNow purely as their IT ticketing tool; By integrating with other platforms in their networks, utilising additional application suites on ServiceNow, or using some of the powerful platform’s functions like Flow Designer, the UI driven developer tools for both platforms and mobile.


With the right strategy and team, these approaches could help you open the potential of what the ServiceNow Now Platform offers, but it doesn’t end there. Several golden eggs are immediately available to help you unlock value with less effort. Whilst these golden eggs are not hidden, they are typically an afterthought or are not known about, commonly by support teams that haven’t done the official fundamentals training.


The ServiceNow Store


The applications on this site are ServiceNow certified and range from free solutions built by enthusiasts to fully supported products made by vendors, from other prominent software vendors like Qualys to specialist partners like CloudGo who see the different challenges customers go through things like role-based access and security. From PDF generators to Gamification applications, there are plenty of existing applications that serve many use cases and could save you significant time developing yourself.


Plugins and Applications

Additionally, there are over one thousand small applications and plugins built and supported by ServiceNow, which are available to extend the capability of the platform and your primary application suite/s. From Agent Workspace chat to Advanced Work Assignment, Architecture Compliance, to e-Signature approvals, there is loads of content sure to help any business.


Another less known but essential factor about plugins is the minor updates released to applications that can be installed outside of an instant upgrade. The benefits here could be huge if you’re in an enterprise environment that takes months to test a significant release, by allowing you to gain beneficial security or improvements to your existing apps individually, such as App Engine Studio.


Subscription Management


We could probably talk about a topic for a lengthy amount of time, but it’s not necessary to state the value is the ServiceNow Subscription Management application. This application is specifically built to help you manage your licenses and entitlements for your ServiceNow instance/s.


As an Elite Partner, we often see clients unsure of their level of compliance and equally unable to understand how they need to forecast their licensing needs. This application can be set up with minor configurations to do this for you.


With the knowledge of one of these value-adds, we’re confident you’ll find at least a couple of positives you can implement in little time that will give you significant ROI and, more than likely, at no cost – the challenge is out.


We’d be happy to talk to you and share more details on how we can make things better for your business!